A Reliable, Durable & Comfortable Diver’s Package. The Wave / Calypso remains the favorite School Set among the Dive Operators and Dive Resorts Worldwide.

Calypso Regulator Set

AquaLung calypso regulator

Aqualung Wave Bcd

aqualung Wave Bcd

The fifth generation of the popular Calypso regulator. This simple design, with an attractive price, makes it a popular choice for dive lockers rental as well as new divers. it is compact, lightweight, easy to service. The Aqualung redesigned Calypso regulator claims Scuba Lab’s Tester’s Choice for its high scores on ease of breathing and was an overall favorite by test divers!

It offers, in addition, a simple and fast connection of the MP hose but also the possibility of using it right or left hand. * Compatible with EAN 40 right out of the box


First Stage :

  • In-line, high-flow piston design means fewer components, excellent reliability, and easy maintenance
  • The large diameter of the piston guarantees a more stable medium pressure output
  • The 6 large holes in the end cap result in easier cleaning as well as better thermal exchange, thus improving the freezing resistance
  • Features 1 HP port and 4 MP ports
  • Compatible with EAN 40 new, out of the box

Second stage :

  • No special tool is needed for dismantling
  • Usable left or right hand
  • Box bottom made with reinforced ABS with an inline venture vane

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The Aqualung Wave has been the benchmark for Rental BCDs worldwide for many years now but there is always room for improvement, so with the Wave 2016 we have been listening to you, the Dive Centers, to create a rental BCD that truly ticks ALL the boxes when it comes to usability, fit and value for money. The new Wave is even more rugged because it’s now constructed with Aqualung’s advanced fade and abrasion resistant ResisteK™ material for improved durability, also features flat E-valves and a reinforced Octo-sleeve

There have also been 2 more sizes added to the range with the introduction of 3XS, ideal for junior divers, and ML so you can ensure that your diver gets the best fit BCD

New technologically advanced ResisteK™ material resists fading and abrasion.
• A proprietary backpack has a built-in carrying handle.
• The waistband is adjustable in the back to accommodate a wide range of waist sizes.
• A scooped octo-pocket on the top front of the right lobe and a new octo-sleeve on the right shoulder strap provide two options to stow and deploy an octopus. In either location, the octopus remains visible and accessible throughout the dive.
• A scooped instrument pocket (or octo-pocket) is also on the top front of the left lobe, giving versatility of use.
• A large, easy-to-access utility pocket is found on each side of the Wave.
• Features 2 stainless steel flat D-rings for all of your accessories.
• The High Visibility Orange color marks points of user interest on the BCD. Eg – D-rings, Octo-pocket & sleeve, Dump Valves
• Adjustable chest strap for personal comfort.
• Size XXXS also features:
o A detachable, double adjusting crotch strap with neoprene center for extra comfort
o An optional tank band for a 30 cu. ft. cylinder (p/n 427056)
• Colour coded by size with a reference on the lower section.

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