Aqua Lung puts the endless wonder of the ocean at your fingertips. When you select Aqua Lung dive gear, you’re getting over 70 years of dive gear innovation to help you have fun and keep you safe while diving. Creating new solutions to meet the demands of scuba divers like you is what drives us every day. Whether that’s making new strides in comfortable scuba fins or incorporating the latest technology into our diving computers, we lead the scuba gear industry by keeping the customer—you—in mind with every innovation. For first-time divers and scuba enthusiasts alike, we’re confident that once you choose Aqua Lung, you’ll let us accompany you every time.

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Aqua Lung Lift Bags

฿ 4,400฿ 44,990 RRP

Aqua Lung Lift bags

A Large, Canvas Coated Lift Bag for Diving & it’s Equipped with a Draining Plug & an Attachment System for Underwater Work

Omni BCD

฿ 27,580 RRP

Omni BCD

(Coming on September)

Created for anyone who wants to fully customize their dive gear, the Omni is a revolutionary jacket-style BCD designed to fit your specific style and size. Bringing ModLock™ technology popularized by our Rogue & Outlaw BCD’s connector system, the Omni allows you to choose from 3 universal sizing components: for your back, your shoulders and your waist, allowing for dozens of size combinations. Continue your customization by choosing from multiple accessory options and 6 color kits. This is the ideal platform to create your perfect fit and you’ve got an infinity of possible configurations!


฿ 36,630฿ 44,140 RRP

True legends are born from respect.

LEG3ND is for the passionate, the explorers, the ones for whom diving is more than a sport. Aqua Lung, the original pioneer of the scuba regulator, brings you the most capable, coveted and advanced line of regulators ever created: This is the new LEG3ND, a masterpiece of engineering, built for all conditions, all depths and all dives.

After all, the ocean is the ultimate proving ground – a place where respect is given and earned equally, where true Legends belong.

Core Pack

฿ 26,660 RRP

The CORE regulator

The CORE regulator is amazing breathing, which is rated as “superior” on the ANSTI breathing machine, coupled with its generous features, at an attractive midrange price, provides the best value of any regulator offered today.

Mikron Pack

฿ 29,570 RRP


Lighter than air…no, but you get the idea: the Mikron Regulator pack is the smallest and lightest regulator in the Aqua Lung collection. Equipped with our patented auto-closure device plus a pneumatically balanced second stage, this small but mighty regulator lets you float comfortably through baggage claim and the deep blue alike.

Calypso Pack

฿ 19,120 RRP

The fifth generation of the popular Calypso regulator. This simple design, with attractive price, makes it a popular choice for dive lockers rental as well as new divers. it is compact, lightweight, easy to service. The Aqua Lung redesigned Calypso regulator claims Scuba Lab’s Tester’s Choice 🏆 for its high scores on ease of breathing and was an overall favorite by test divers!

Titan Pack

฿ 22,630 RRP

Titan Pack

The third-generation Titan regulator brings new innovation while keeping its excellent value. The updated Titan regulator integrates the lightweight feel, rugged durability and easy-to-breathe functionality of its predecessors, while updating with a fresh design. It offers excellent performance and easy maintenance at an affordable price.

Aqua Lung SureLock II Weight Pockets

฿ 1,890฿ 2,490 RRP

Aqualung SureLock weight pockets

The Aqualung Sure Lock II weight pockets run a rail system that allows for the pocket to slide into the BCD easier. They have three sizes, 10lb for X Small to Medium and 15lbs, and 16lbs are only suitable in Aqua Lung BCD sizes Large or bigger.

Aqua Lung GripLock

฿ 2,990 RRP


The GripLock tank band assembly is an easy and safe solution for securing a cylinder to a BC. With its pat pend Finger-Saver feature and macro presets, it solves many of the common problems associated with metal cam buckles. Find out how easy it is to use GripLock.

Plazma Mask Aqua Lung

฿ 2,840฿ 3,250 RRP

Aqua Lung Plazma Mask

For new and experienced divers, the Aqua Lung Plazma mask is the only frameless panoramic diving mask that delivers a perfect fit with excellent comfort from surgical grade premium silicone and ExoHex stability. The Plazma mask delivers a lightweight and compact, low profile design in fresh, exciting color combinations and is available with Clear and Advanced Mirror lens options.

LEG3ND Octopus

฿ 8,650 RRP

LEG3ND Octopus

 (Start deliveries on 3rd of Febuary) 

When performance is your highest priority, LEG3ND is the answer.

The LEG3ND shares the same breathing characteristics with the LEG3ND ELITE and LEG3ND MBS. The familiar Venturi switch now features an updated and ergonomic design. Because your sensations and emotions are amplified in the underwater world, you can focus on what matters: feeling free.



LEG3ND MBS Regulator

฿ 29,980 RRP

LEG3ND MBS Regulator

LEG3ND MBS Regulator – All Depths, All Conditions, All Dives

The first inhalation under water is the start of a new adventure. The revolutionary combination of Venturi effect and inhalation effort adjustment is natural and intuitive. Aqua Lung’s Master Breathing System allows divers to control both in one simple rotation. All depths, all conditions, all dives – MBS will adapt.

LEG3ND ELITE Regulator

฿ 32,500 RRP

LEG3ND ELITE Regulator

The LEG3ND ELITE gives divers unprecedented capabilities by providing perfect precision and enhanced ergonomics at your fingertips. Advanced divers appreciate the independent micro adjustments to fine-tune their own individual breathing preferences.​

LEG3ND Regulator

฿ 24,990 RRP

LEG3ND Regulator

When performance is your highest priority, LEG3ND is the answer. The LEG3ND shares the same breathing characteristics with the LEG3ND ELITE and LEG3ND MBS. The familiar venturi switch now features an updated and ergonomic design. Overmolded with “soft touch” elastomer, the ergonomically designed switch perfectly controls the venturi effect, either allowing or containing a natural freeflow.

Hood Bali Unisex

฿ 1,150 RRP

High quality 3mm neoprene head cover for Bali and Mahe model 2019, The hood can be worn on the left or right.
Fits the current colors of the suit series Overall Bali CAMOBLUE jumpsuit 3mm and Mahe CAMOBLUE Shorty 3mm, The super-turn neoprene with its modern graphic accents ensures that the hood can be pulled easily and extremely stretchy and the diver is comfortable and optimally prepared for the warm waters.

Bali Camo wetsuit 3mm

฿ 6,250 RRP

Bali Camo Wetsuit 3mm

The Bali suit is designed for warm-water diving and its thoughtful features such as the flatlock stitching and V-shaped collar give it additional comfort. Printed designs and panels help the Bali resist abrasion, to keep your suit looking good. An optional hood matches the suit.