Sea Dragon Photo/Video Lights have been engineered to produce exceptional brightness with “True Lumen” output, and an optimal Color temperature and color rendering. The results are stunning natural underwater colors, as if the subjects were lit by the sun itself. Sea Dragon Photo/Video lights also offer a consistent and wide beam angle.

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Sea Dragon 5000F Auto

฿ 29,400 RRP

The Sea Dragon 5000F photo-video light delivers 5000F lumens in an even 120° wide beam. The new light also features two 220 lumen red LEDs. The light offers the familiar Sea Dragon Auto Modes including Flash Detect, and an unmatched 96 CRI (color rendering index). The new aggressively styled body is both smaller and lighter.

Sea Dragon 2000F

฿ 12,900 RRP

The new Sea Dragon 2000F UW photo-video light delivers 2000 true lumens and a smooth, even 120° wide beam angle.
This revolutionary COB LED technology produces an 80 CRI (color rendering index) that mimics natural daylight. Most other LEDs have 70 CRI, missing wavelengths of the visible light spectrum.

Uncover colorful reefs and hidden sea creatures with this photo-video light.

Includes Flex-Connect Micro tray, grip and GoPro® Camera adapter.

Sea Dragon 2500F

฿ 14,900 RRP

The Sea Dragon 2500 uses flat panel COB LED technology to closely mimic natural sunlight, bringing out amazing colors in underwater photos and videos. With a Color Rendering Index of 90, the Sea Dragon 2500 solves the issue of blue underwater photos and videos by giving divers the ability to add light down to 200 feet/60 meters with portable sunlight.

Includes Flex-Connect Single tray, grip and GoPro® Camera adapter.

Sea Dragon 3000F

฿ 17,600 RRP

3000 Powerful Lumens

The new Sea Dragon 3000F is the most powerful photo-video light in its size/weight class, delivering 3000 lumens in an even 120° wide beam. The 3000 features SeaLife’s Auto Brightness, Flash Detect and two red LED’s for night diving. The Sea Dragon 3000F emits a warm 5000K color temperature and 80 CRI (color rendering index) adding vibrant colors and brightness to your underwater pictures and videos.