Taking Part in the Aqua Master Treasure Hunt


Terms and Conditions


All you need to do to take part is to share our articles about Female Legends in Diving to your Facebook Wall in order to spread more awareness of Legendary Females in Diving and support women in this incredible sport.


At the end of each post participants will be asked a question (3 in total), about one of our 3 Female Diving Legends over the week leading up to PADIs International Women’s day.  These questions will be based on information provided by our selected articles about our Female legends in diving.


Answer all 3 questions correctly and put yourself in the running to win some amazing PRIZES donated by Aqua Master Thailand.  The winner of the Aqua Master Treasure Hunt will be awarded:


  • A New Linea Mask in a color of their choice


  • A voucher for 30% off any products in the Aqua Lung Women’s range to be used within 60 days.


Not only that! From the 9th of July to the 15th of July, Aqua Master are offering all women 20% off on any products purchased from the Aqua Lung Women’s line!


All submissions must be sent to Aqua Master Thailand’s Face Book page by the 14th of July. The winner of the Treasure Hunt will be the person who answers all 3 questions correctly and who’s shared article gets the most shares, likes and comments.  So spread the word of Female Legends in Diving for your chance to win!


Linea Mask
Legend LX Twilight Aqua Lung
Shot FX Twilight Aqua Lung