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PSI Surface Marker Buoy

฿ 490 RRP

SMBs are safety devices, floating on the surface during a dive to mark the diver’s position during drift dives, night dives, mist or disturbed sea conditions. The buoy lets the dive boat follow the divers and highlights their position to other boat traffic. Be safe and shoot a signal buoy from your safety stop to alert everyone above before you surface.

surface marker wds

Surface Marker WDS

฿ 1,190 RRP

First introduced in 2006 the Surface Marker WDS is being used by thousands of Dive Instructors and Dive Professionals all over the world. The Open Ended Surface Marker buoy used in combination with the Webbing Deployment System  (WDS) is a compact & easy to use solution for sending up a Surface Marker Buoy during your Safety Stop.

SMB X marker

SMB X Marker

฿ 2,290 RRP

SMB X Marker is TOUGH ALL-ROUNDER for all kind of dives, secured with Bungee.