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Stingray Carbon

฿ 23,470 RRP ฿ 22,297 RRP

Stingray Carbon fins feature carbon fiber blades manufactured using the infusion technology with innovative double vacuum process.


Stingray Fins

฿ 6,640 RRP ฿ 6,308 RRP

The Omer Stingray Full Foot freediving fins is popular because of its comfort and efficiency.It generate a low of power with minimal effort from the diver. For Apnea.


ZERO 3 Mask

฿ 2,660 RRP ฿ 2,527 RRP

Freediving mask with an exclusive look created in cooperation with MOMO Design. Main features of this mask are the field of vision, which is almost the same you have without wearing a mask, and the very low internal volume. The mask skirt, features a some milled surfaces that prevent refraction of sunlight and ease compensation (gloves don’t slip when you hold the nose). Available in black and in 2 new mimetic versions.


Camo Snorkel

฿ 590 RRP ฿ 561 RRP

Camo LX Snorkel – PSI AQUA SPORT

Ergonomically designed free-diving snorkel with camouflage coating and silicone mouthpiece.