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Legend LX Supreme Regulator

฿ 27,890 RRP

The Legend Supreme shares the same features and performance as the Legend LUX and Legend LX with one notable exception. Instead of the MBS dual control valve, the Legend offers a venturi switch.

Legend LX Regulator

฿ 26,880 RRP

The new line of Legend regulators crafts the future with innovative technology and sleek cosmetic appeal. The new Legends are smaller and lighter making for a more comfortable dive. Whether you are jet setting to an exotic location or diving your local spot, the Legend will give you the confidence to dive like a pro and look like a rock star.

Legend LUX Regulator

฿ 38,990 RRP

Legend LUX Regulator: When you dive with a Legend, you’re diving with the best. So why not get one that looks the best too? There is no mistaking the rich look of pink gold. This head-turner exudes quality. The tougher-than-nails PVD fi nish will keep its good looks too as the pink gold is much harder and durable than traditional chrome plating.