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UP-M1 Freediving mask featuring innovative design, performance and extreme comfort. It features a very small inner volume and an excellent field of vision, thanks to lens position.



Omersub UP-M1 Freedive mask

The Omer UP-M1 diving mask was designed together with Umberto Pelizzari. The result is an innovative mask with 99 cm³ internal volume combined with 30% more field of view. The glasses are specially formed and very close to the eyes. You will feel the difference.

Every detail of this mask is designed and optimized for functionality. The nose pocket has a rough surface for a good grip – perfect for equalization with gloves or a nose clip. With the high-quality silicon, the mask will close tightly and the strong frame makes it long-lasting.


  • 30% more field of view
  • Very little volume for easy equalization
  • Tempered glass lenses
  • Designed with Umberto Pelizzari
  • The rough structure of the nose pocket is perfect for gloves and nose clips
  • Only 230 g weight






Omersub offers a complete set of innovative and high-quality products to satisfy the needs of every freediver and spearfisherman in the world.


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