SUUNTO OCEAN Dive Computer

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Suunto Ocean is a dive computer and sports watch / smartwatch in one for adventures below and above the surface.

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Featuring a large, vibrant color display, it ensures exceptional readability and usability in all conditions. Dive enthusiasts will appreciate Suunto Ocean’s dive modes for scuba and technical diving, including air, nitrox, multigas and the editable Suunto Bühlmann 16 GF algorithm. Additionally, freedivers and snorkelers will find dedicated dive modes to suit their needs. Pairing seamlessly with the Suunto Tank POD before diving allows users to monitor tank pressure, gas consumption, and remaining gas time directly from their wrist. To enhance safety during dives, the Suunto Ocean offers an extensive selection of customizable audio and vibration alarms.

After the dives, the Suunto Ocean seamlessly transitions into a trustworthy companion for monitoring daily activity, everyday exercise, and more extreme exploration. With over 95 diverse sport modes, ranging from trail running and cycling to swimming and yoga, each equipped with carefully selected default data fields, it caters to every fitness enthusiast. The Suunto Ocean monitors steps, calories, heart rate, sleep (including sleep stages), and recovery metrics with heart rate variability analysis for daily activity tracking. Moreover, its premium outdoor features, such as detailed outdoor offline maps that are globally available free of charge, a top-tier GNSS system for precise location tracking, and a barometer for accurate altitude readings and storm alarms, make it the preferred choice for all above-surface adventures.

Suunto Ocean is designed to keep pace with your adventures without missing a beat. Its rechargeable battery delivers up to 40 hours of diving (equivalent to approximately 20 dives) and 40 hours of continuous outdoor GPS tracking on a single charge. In daily mode, Suunto Ocean remains by your side for up to 26 days before needing a recharge, and when it’s time to power up, it does so quickly.

By connecting to the Suunto app users can view all their dive, exercise, and everyday logs in one place as well as benefit from wireless over-the-air software updates. Setting a new standard in the industry, Suunto introduces a groundbreaking feature with the Suunto Ocean: the ability for users to view their underwater route in their logbook after each dive. Additionally, entry and exit points may be marked in the logbook.

The underwater route tracking functionality will be initially launched as a beta version and will continue to be developed further.


  • A dive computer with dive modes for single tank dives with air or nitrox and multigas support for technical diving. Dedicated modes for freediving and snorkeling.
  • Over 95 diverse sport modes and on-wrist heart rate for training and following the daily activity and recovery.
  • Premium outdoor features with free-of-charge outdoor offline maps, the best possible GNSS system providing accurate location tracking and a barometer providing explorers with accurate altitude and storm alarms.
  • We are featuring a large, vibrant 1,43” color display, ensuring exceptional readability and usability in all activities and all conditions.
  • Multiple dive alarms: Color-coded mandatory warnings for added safety. In addition, user configurable tank pressure, depth, and dive time alarms.
  • Enough battery for days of adventuring: Rechargeable battery with up to 40 hrs of diving and outdoor exercise tracking.
  • Wireless over-the-air software updates and easy sync between app and watch.
  • One app for all data from dive logs to training and daily activity. Dive logs with dive entry and exit points and now even your underwater route beta after dive in Suunto app.
  • Pressure and gas consumption straight from the wrist by pairing with the Suunto Tank POD before diving.
  • Handcrafted in Finland with 100% renewable energy. Designed, tested, and trusted by dive and sports pros.
  • Designed, tested, and trusted by dive and sports pros, Suunto Ocean is handcrafted in Finland with 100% renewable energy.






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