Oxygen Sensor for Analox O2EII

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Analox Oxygen Sensor Replacement For O2EII.  Easy to change, a sensor is included when you buy an O2EII analyzer.

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Analox Oxygen Sensor Replacement For O2EII

Easy to change, a sensor is included when you buy an O2EII analyzer.


The Analox Oxygen Sensor is a replacement sensor for the Analox O2EII Pro and Analox O2EII Nitrox Analysers. With an expectant life of about 3 years, the replacement sensor is easy to install in your Analox analyzer. If you are going to do some mixed gas diving, you need to have oxygen sensors that are going to work for the entire trip, not just the first few dives.

The Analox O2 Sensor is an internal temperature compensated electrochemical oxygen design. The sensor comes complete with an O-ring seal. The sensor has a typical accuracy +/- 1% of reading +/- 0.2% of O2, an operating temperature of -5°C to +50°C (23°F to 122°F), a sensor response of 15 seconds to 90% of the final reading, a resolution of 0.1%.

Advisory Notes:

1) We are aware that there are a number of sensors on the market, some of which are cheaper, but none that we have seen are designed to mate correctly with the O2EII.

2) Replacement oxygen cells for the O2EII should only be purchased when required. Analox does not recommend that spare cells are bought when purchasing your O2EII. Electrochemical sensors are consumable items. We therefore cannot credit sensors if incorrect orders have been placed. This does not affect your warranty.

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All Analox scuba analysers are tried and tested, with some even being NATO coded. Long life with minimal running costs, Analox analysers ensure nitrox, trimix and air divers are safe throughout the world.


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