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The ideal business model for any successful Diving and Snorkelling operation is to follow the principles of The 3 E’s: Education, Excursions and Equipment. Generally the the first 2 are easily achieved through the nature of our business, and the third, “Equipment” sales, is sometimes forgotten !

Aqua Master is very proud to say that retail setups for equipment sales have become one of core strengths and we have learnt through our experience how to create a package that helps taking those first steps into retail, or even developing an existing retail area, a lucrative venture.

  • Product Range
  • Merchandising
  • After Sales Support,

The Scuba Diving and Snorkelling industry is still moving forward and has seen the importance in having a well presented and properly merchandised retail area. We have learnt that not every shop is the same, and that each project should be treated as an individual due to the demographic of the particular area that the shop is based. Due to this, for every new retail project we will draw up a “Tailored Retail Solution” that is unique and contains a product list with a high expectancy of success.

Becoming an Aquamaster dealer with retail area is starting a long term business relationship, so from the start we want to give you the benefit of our experience by offering you some possibilities for the shop layout and when you take delivery of the stock we can help with product positioning, giving your retail project the best start possible.

“If you are not selling it, we are not selling it”

That is why we also offer a return policy to keep improving and strengthen your retail solution. We want to support your retail project and offer you a huge amount of flexibility so that you can rotate stock items that are not selling for you ! All that we ask is that the products you wish to return are in a “sellable” condition with original packaging.

When you put all of this together and then add the fantastic “hassle free” warranties that we offer and there is no reason not to go for retail !

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