Important New Technical Bulletins

Servicing Buoyance Compensators (posted 08/08/14)

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: Aqua Lung and Apeks Buoyancy Compensators

This bulletin is to serve as a reminder that buoyancy compensators, especially their inflators and dump valves, require annual service. This is stated in the BC Owner’s Manual, Service and Repair Manual and the Online Training course.


Just about all of the potentially serious problems that occur with BCs, such as inflators that stick open or dump valves that don’t open, are a result of lack of maintenance. Like regulators, BC inflators and some models of dump valves have wearable, replacement parts and the need for cleaning and lubrication.


We also want to use this bulletin to draw attention to the flat e-valves associated with BCs that have the i3 controller. These low profile valves contain an o-ring and a quad ring which require annual replacement and proper lubrication. Failure to do so could result in the valve not opening at the proper relief pressure. This is a potentially dangerous situation that could result in the rupturing of the BC bladder.


Flat e-valves subjected to chlorine use, such as found in BCs used for dive classes, should be serviced more than once a year.


Please note that servicing flat e-valves is a quick and easy process. Taking the time to service and lubricate these valves, as well as the i3 inflator, will ensure years of enjoyment with the i3 BCs.

flat-e-valve i3system


Bcd Wave - Pocket updates (Posted 12/2013)

As a running change, the Aqua Lung wave Bcd has been updated with new material on both pockets using the Cordura Amorshield material instead of the previous V-Diamond. This update has been done to increase the longevity of the Bcd cosmetic in tropical environment and for rental purpose.

The Wave remains the favorite BC amongst dive school and resorts!

Lever height on Legend LX and Legend LUX (Posted 15/2013)

We were notified of a few instances where the lever height on a Legend LX and a Legend LUX had lowered from its original setting, thus compromising the strength of the purge function. These regulators continued to work and breathe; they just had poor purge function.

After our investigation, we found that the problem was being caused by a unique set of circumstances all coming together at once.

  1. If the regulator was not under pressure, and
  2. The regulator had an AquaFlex hose from a specific supplier, and
  3. The second stage hose protector was pushed towards the second stage in a clockwise, twisting motion,


Shot FX / X Fin Side Rails #40 (posted 07/23/13)

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: X Shot – Size Small and Regular Only, and Shot FX – All Sizes. Only fins manufactured prior to Feb.19, 2013 are affected.


PROBLEM: The fins listed above, that were produced prior to Feb. 19th, 2013, have weak side rails. The weakness is caused by the presence of impurities in the rubber. This material may weaken with time and cause the side rails to crack. Typically, a crack will occur on the upper half of the side rail where the rubber is subjected to maximum stress.

Please note that this is not a safety issue as cracked side rails still allow the fin to function.imgres