Get started set

It packs feature, style and durability into an affordable package!


• Made from the most resistant CORDURA Armorshield (R) plus extra protective V-Diamone Rubber – it will look like new for many years!
• 2 large utility pockets, 2 metal D-Rings – Each item can be stowed perfeclty.
• Octopus and console pocket – say goodbye to dangling hoses.
• Diver-adjustable cheststrap and waisband for the perfect fit.
• Can be upgraded with the Surelock II weightintegration: Let your BCD carry the weights!


• High-flow, in-line piston first stage: Simple and reliable.
• Easy and cheap to service: Cost-efficient regulator maintenance.
• Lightweight second stage, compact first stage.
• VAS (Venturi adjustment switch) to prevent freeflows at the surface and provide maximum airflow at depth


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