Every Day is Earth Day

Here at Aquamaster we are always looking for ways to give something back to the diving community and the beautiful environment that we work in everyday, so we a very proud to be involved with Earth Day Koh Tao 2017

Of course we have sponsored the event with Aqualung Equipment, but we wanted to do more for an Island that works so hard to protect their local environment, so starting from Earth Day Koh Tao 2017 (22nd April) Aquamaster will donate to the planned Recycling Plant for Koh Tao by :

• For EVERY Aqualung Diving mask purchased on Koh Tao we will donate 100THB !
• For EVERY pair of Aqualung Adjustable fins purchased on Koh Tao we will donate 200THB !
• We will give these donations for a 6 month period (22/4/17 -22/10/17) to really try and make a difference

Please look out for these products when you visit any of the Dive Centers on the island as they will be clearly marked with the Aquamaster/Earth Day logo, and you can be confident in the equipment that you use knowing that you have helped to Keep Koh Tao Beautiful !

Please stay tune to our Facebook page, Aquamaster Koh Tao for monthly updates on our progress


Feel free to call in our shop on the Down Road Maehaad if you have any questions or would just like to know more.