Scuba Diving Lift Bags

Underwater air lift bags are specialized pieces of scuba gear that bring objects up from the depths safely. They have ratings based on how much they can lift. Larger bags can retrieve larger items, such as sunken ships or planes

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Aqua Lung Lift Bags

฿ 4,400฿ 44,990 RRP

A Large, Canvas Coated Lift Bag for Diving & it’s Equipped with a Draining Plug & an Attachment System for Underwater Work

Surface Marker Lift Bag

฿ 3,360฿ 3,680 RRP

Surface Marker Lift Bag comes standard with a top handling strap and generous webbing loop + 316 Ring at the bottom of the bag for easy attachment and safer filling.
Vents excess pressure during ascent and will not spill air on surfacing.