Aquamaster Global Conservation Partners


In addition to our conservation partners, Aquamaster is committed to making a difference in our local communities. Each Aquamaster office supports conservation and education efforts such as beach clean ups and empowering local ambassadors who are making a difference in their communities. Aquamaster takes its environmental responsibility very seriously and we encourage you to join us in doing whatever you can.

Thailand beaches have been ranked as some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In these locations, almost all activity, all business, all lifestyle is related to the surrounding ocean. As one of the major actors in the diving industry, were are all busy establishing and developing our activities, making Thailand a flourishing economic spot, and for most of us the necessity for a long term vision and for environmental concerns were still not a central part of the equation. As our surrounding seas have glowingly and visibly been affected, while everywhere in the world, concerns with environmental issues seem to become vital.

We are all conscious of the situation of our planet and the impact that humans have on the planet. We believe that everyone must do his part to reduce his carbon foot print or the plastic waste spread into the environment.

As a leading company, we are taking the steps forward with the following actions:

  • Reduce the emission of plastic bag to none starting to implement reusable bags  – Starting 2019
  • Reduce the plastic packaging – With the collaboration of Aqualung, the combos packaging will be reducing the plastic by 30% in 2020
  • Ban single use plastics bottles, straws & spoons. Water refill stations are available at every Aquamaster shops (Phuket, Bangkok, Koh Tao, Koh Samui)  and for everyone.
  • We support local organization protecting our environment with beach cleanup and participating actively to education.
  • Help to collect funds for our Main Partners on specific projects.


Aqualung Environmental Responsibility


We are proud to say that Aqualung firmly believes in and embraces environmental sustainability. They do support various eco-conservation partners worldwide to help do our part to participate and encourage the protection and restoration of both our air and sea environments.

With their rooftop solar panel arrays, their eco-friendly headquarters facility is capable of producing, over 1800kWh per day of clean energy that provides 80% of the electricity needed in our daily operations. Since 2006, Aqualung have employed the use of Solatube technologies to provide amazing natural light to our warehouse in addition to following California’s “Flex Your Power” program for energy efficiency through practices such as turning off non-necessary lighting, using motion-sensor activated lighting in low traffic areas, and powering down any equipment not actively being used.

But they don’t stop there. Aqualung is always looking for ways to not only reduce our carbon footprint within our facility, but also in our industry leading innovative products that have a minimum impact on the environment including the materials we use in fabrication and, as much as possible, using recyclable product packaging that gracefully degrades relatively quickly.

Our Main Partners

To learn more about how you can get involved visit one of our global conservation partners.


Shark and marine conservation worldwide through education programs, research projects and exciting diving expeditions

Shark Guardian was registered as a UK Charity in 2013. Shark Guardian has 2 Directors supported by several independent trustees who oversee the charity mission and goals. Together the Shark Guardian directors and trustees maintain the standards set out by the UK Charity Commission for all charities.

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Ocean For All Thailand


We at OFA have a dream. The vision of a future that embraces fully our decade’s environmental challenges, engaging everyone through inspiration, education and performance into the preservation of our natural habitat.

We wish to collaborate with all local actors who are prepared to embrace this necessary environmental transition. Through education, co-operation and initiative  but most of all by helping to create and develop an international  REPUTATION for Phuket as an Earth-friendly destination that will appeal to a new style of travellers, ecologically conscious visitors concerned with Nature, Beauty and Sustainability.

We Support the following Events…

Koh Tao Earth Day

Earth Day on Koh Tao is a day where our community come together to make a real difference to help keep our paradise island beautiful.

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