Aqua Lung i200C

฿ 13,970฿ 14,460 RRP

Aqua Lung i200C Dive Computer

Aqualung bluetooth


Get fresh design and easy versatility in our new i200C dive computer, plus the power to send and manage your dive data wirelessly. Bluetooth connectivity lets you share your stats, location, memories, and photos on social media via the free DiverLog+ app. A nato strap option is now available on our black model; a comfortable and rugged nylon strap for added security and moisture-wicking while out of the water.

aqualung diverlog


฿ 17,980 RRP


First in its class, the i470TC is an intuitive, stylish dive computer with Bluetooth communication and wireless air integration With stylish and instinctive design, the watch-style i470TC dive computer is packed with features that will keep you connected and on all your dive explorations.

Explorer II Roller

฿ 7,290 RRP

Explorer II Roller

This rolling luggage accommodates a full dive kit and all your other travel gear. Designed especially for scuba, it has side pockets that will fit our larger fins like the Aqua Lung X-Large Phazer. Coordinates with the rest of our Explorer II Collection of bags.

Explorer II Duffle Pack

฿ 3,290 RRP

Explorer II Duffle Pack

With its carry-on size, stowaway backpack straps, and mesh drying pocket, this is the most versatile dive pack on the market today. It’s designed especially for scuba, with fin straps that hold any size fin. Part of the complete line of Explorer bags to get you completely outfitted for dive travel.

SeaLife Camera Micro 3.0

฿ 22,700฿ 48,600 RRP

The SeaLife Micro 3.0 series of the permanently sealed camera is the easiest way to immerse yourself in the world of underwater imaging. The Micro 3.0 camera cannot leak and is ready to dive right out of the box, simply charge the battery and submerge. The Micro 3.0 requires no maintenance – just wash and clean after use. The camera offers impressive results with its large SONY® 16MP CMOS sensor and 4K Ultra HD video.



฿ 23,800฿ 29,432 RRP

True legends are born from respect.

LEG3ND is for the passionate, the explorers, the ones for whom diving is more than a sport. Aqua Lung, the original pioneer of the scuba regulator, brings you the most capable, coveted and advanced line of regulators ever created: This is the new LEG3ND, a masterpiece of engineering, built for all conditions, all depths and all dives.

After all, the ocean is the ultimate proving ground – a place where respect is given and earned equally, where true Legends belong.


Mikron Pack

฿ 30,950 ฿ 18,368 RRP


Lighter than air…no, but you get the idea: the Mikron Regulator pack is the smallest and lightest regulator in the Aqua Lung collection. Equipped with our patented auto-closure device plus a pneumatically balanced second stage, this small but mighty regulator lets you float comfortably through baggage claim and the deep blue alike.

Plazma Mask Aqua Lung

฿ 2,850฿ 3,250 RRP

Aqua Lung Plazma Mask

For new and experienced divers, the Aqua Lung Plazma mask is the only frameless panoramic diving mask that delivers a perfect fit with excellent comfort from surgical grade premium silicone and ExoHex stability. The Plazma mask delivers a lightweight and compact, low profile design in fresh, exciting color combinations and is available with Clear and Advanced Mirror lens options.



Hotshot Fins

฿ 1,990฿ 2,490 RRP

Hotshot lets you switch things up, even during your dive. That’s because we’ve designed a fin with twin-speed gears, so you can dial in the power band resistance that works for you on the fly. Lightweight, travel-friendly, and ultra-comfortable, you’ll be ready to explore waters from Bahamas to Belize with power and grace.


SL3 eLED (L2)

฿ 2,340 ฿ 1,750 RRP

SL3 Eled Dive Light

The UK SL3 eLED L2 dive light will give you the most lumens for your dollar. Take it with you on vacation to look under ledges and into cracks along the wall or use it as a backup or secondary light for more advanced diving at night.


Coco Vanilla Rash Guard

฿ 1,470 ฿ 890 RRP

Aqua Lung Coco Vanilla rashguards are designed to be worn in and out of the water for protection against the sun’s UV rays, as a layer to guard against possible critters that will sting or scratch you or as an additional layer under your Aqua Lung wetsuit!


DC2000 Pro 3000 Auto Duo Set

฿ 57,200 ฿ 42,900 RRP

DC2000 Pro 3000 Auto Duo Set

A versatile set for rich stills and stunning videos. As SeaLife’s most multifaceted camera and light set, the SeaLife DC2000 Pro Duo comes fully equipped with the new Sea Dragon 3000F Auto light and a Sea Dragon Flash to brilliantly capture colorful underwater stills and HD video.


Slingshot Fins

฿ 5,990 ฿ 2,990 RRP

AquaLung Slingshot Fins

The Slingshot fins will make diving more comfortable, efficient and fun. Its innovations include Power Bands, Gear Shift and Mid-foot Flex Joint that all add up to provide a wonderful diving experience.


Legend Regulator

฿ 22,490 ฿ 15,750 RRP

Legend Regulator

The Legend 2 regulators crafts the future with innovative technology and sleek cosmetic appeal. The new Legends are smaller and lighter making for a more comfortable dive. Whether you are jet setting to an exotic location or diving your local spot, the Legend will give you the confidence to dive like a pro and look like a rock star.


Legend LX Regulator

฿ 18,750฿ 19,520 RRP

Legend LX Regulator

Legend regulators crafts the future with innovative technology and sleek cosmetic appeal. The new Legends are smaller and lighter making for a more comfortable dive. Whether you are jet setting to an exotic location or diving your local spot, the Legend will give you the confidence to dive like a pro and look like a rock star.


Xcolored Lady Rashguard

฿ 915฿ 985 RRP

Xcolored Lady Rashguard: it’s style, it’s fashion, it’s protection! Lycra rash guards protect your skin from sunburn (UPF 50+, Australian standard), can save you from a bad experience with a jellyfish and make you feel more comfortable in a neoprene suit!


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