฿ 2,340 ฿ 1,950 RRP

The UK SL3 eLED L2 dive light will give you the most lumens for your dollar. Take it with you on vacation to look under ledges and into cracks along the wall or use it as a backup or secondary light for more advanced diving at night.


DC2000 Pro 3000 Auto Duo Set

฿ 57,200 ฿ 42,900 RRP

A versatile set for rich stills and stunning videos

As SeaLife’s most multifaceted camera and light set, the SeaLife DC2000 Pro Duo comes fully equipped with the new Sea Dragon 3000F Auto light and a Sea Dragon Flash to brilliantly capture colorful underwater stills and HD video.


DC2000 Pro 3000 Auto Set

฿ 43,800 ฿ 32,850 RRP

Reveal rich, vibrant colors in underwater stills and videos

Combined with the sun-like Sea Dragon 3000F Light, the DC2000 Pro Light set will capture vibrant underwater colors with a wide and even beam angle. The new DC2000 features a large SONY® 1” type back-illuminated 20MP image sensor, full manual control, 1080p HD video, and RAW formatting capabilities, allowing you to explore new creative depths.


DC2000 Pro Flash Set

฿ 42,000 ฿ 32,550 RRP

Ideal for producing rich underwater colors, the compact and intuitive DC2000 Pro Flash includes the Sea Dragon Flash along with the DC2000 camera, providing stills bursting with color. Featuring a large SONY® 1” type back-illuminated 20MP image sensor, RAW formatting capabilities, 1080p @ 60fps HD video, and 8 shooting modes, the SeaLife DC2000 provides you with endless creative possibilities.


Sealife DC2000

฿ 28,900 ฿ 22,500 RRP

Explore new creative depths with SeaLife’s most advanced underwater camera, the SeaLife DC2000, featuring a large SONY® 20MP 1″ image sensor, full manual controls, RAW imaging capabilities, and more. With DSLR-like imaging results, you’ll want to make the DC2000’s waterproof inner camera your go-to land camera with the ability to capture rich landscapes and stunning close-ups and portraits.


i450 Dive Computer

฿ 19,200฿ 21,370 RRP

i450T Aqua Lung Dive computer 

The i450T is a features powerhouse that suits a world of diverse diving adventures. Intuitive and sporty, it’s the perfect wrist computer to take you to new places.

Designed for the active diver and the travel diver, the i450 dive computer has flexibility and intuition packed into an attractive design. Its features were crafted to be intuitive and easily navigated for an optimal dive experience. The optional hoseless gas integration de-clutters your dive for a more streamlined feel. Even small but thoughtful details were considered– once you pair your transmitter, you’ll never need to pair it again. For all its meaningful engineering, the i450T hasn’t forgotten aesthetics – its sporty eye-catching design is easy to wear through life’s everyday adventures.

Learn more about Aqua Lung Instrumentation


Surface Marker DELUXE

฿ 2,990 ฿ 1,890 RRP

WDS Surface Marker Deluxe Marker

First introduced in 2006 the Surface Marker WDS is being used by thousands of Dive Instructors and Dive Professionals all over the world. The Open Ended Surface Marker buoy used in combination with the Webbing Deployment System  (WDS) is a compact & easy to use solution for sending up a Surface Marker Buoy during your Safety Stop.


Slingshot Fins

฿ 5,990 ฿ 2,990 RRP

AquaLung Slingshot Fins

The Slingshot fins will make diving more comfortable, efficient and fun. Its innovations include Power Bands, Gear Shift and Mid-foot Flex Joint that all add up to provide a wonderful diving experience.


Dive Compressor Bavaria Sport

฿ 295,000 RRP

Bavaria Sport

The new dive compressor range from IDE-Compressors Manufacturer GmbH at a fantastic price. Portable and compact high-pressure compressor unit for professional use in professional and hobby.

Activated Carbon

฿ 340฿ 900 RRP

Activated Carbon

Coal Based Activated Charcoal Pellets is made from high-quality anthracite and refined by advanced technology. The appearance is black columnar granules. It has the characteristics of developed porosity, large specific surface area, strong…

Synthetic Oil Shell S4 P100

฿ 840฿ 2,400 RRP

Synthetic Oil Shell S4 P100

The Shell Corena range of air compressor oils has been developed to enable equipment operators to select the oil that will deliver optimum value to their operations through enhanced wear protection, long oil life and high system efficiency.

Compact Dive Compressor

฿ 179,400฿ 188,400 RRP

Bavaria Fun II

Lightweight and smallest dimensions high-pressure compressor for profession and hobby use. The “Bavaria Fun” is the ideal choice to be used on yachts, for small dive schools, in fire trucks or dive-safari vehicles or for gotcha/paintball. The combination of very small dimensions, low weight and state-of-the-art technology ensure perfect handling and functional safety for all purposes by land and by water.


฿ 2,840฿ 3,250 RRP

Aqua Lung Plazma Mask

(Start deliveries on 10th of Febuary)

For new and experienced divers, the Plazma is the only frameless panoramic diving mask that delivers a perfect fit with excellent comfort from surgical grade premium silicone and ExoHex stability. The Plazma mask delivers a lightweight and compact, low profile design in fresh, exciting color combinations and is available with Clear and Advanced Mirror lens options.