OMER Zero3

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OMER Zero3 Freediving mask created in cooperation with MOMO Design. Main features of this mask are the large vision field and the very low internal volume. The mask skirt, features a some milled surfaces that prevent refraction of sunlight and ease compensation.



OMER Zero3

Product description

  • Revolutionary free diving mask with an exclusive look created in cooperation with renown automotive high performance powerhouse MOMO of Italy.
  • The main feature of this mask is the field of vision which is almost completely non-impaired.
  • The field of vision is 30% higher, compared to a classic free diving mask such as the Alien.
  • The internal volume is so low that if a mask like the Alien is normally equalized starting at 25-30 depth, the ZERO3 doesnt require clearing before a depth of 60.
  • This makes for much more comfortable spearfishing particularly ad depth.
  • Every detail on this mask has been conceived keeping in mind its design and functionality.
  • The mask skirt features some milled surfaces that prevent the refraction of sunlight and make clearing easier, gloves don’t slip when you hold the nose.
  • The finish of the skirt which has a carbon fiber appearance was designed specifically to avoid glare.



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