Aqualung Tank Band – GripLock

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The GripLock Aqualung tank band assembly is an easy and safe solution for securing a cylinder to a BCD. With its patent-pending Finger-Saver feature and macro presets, it solves many of the common problems associated with metal cam buckles. Find out how easy it is to use GripLock.

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GripLock – Aqualung Tank Band


  • The innovative Finger-Saver feature (pat. pend.) makes the GripLock safe by eliminating painful, pinched fingers.
  • The macro-adjustment is set just once until you change to a cylinder with a different diameter. Three presets cover the various diameter cylinders in the field today.
  • The micro-adjustment can be used for fine-tuning the fit after the band is on the cylinder. Hint: If you line up the inside edges of the hook n loop on the micro-adjustment side of the tank band, it will be perfectly set for an Al80 cylinder.
  • Rubber traction pad on the backside of the GripLock provides added security
  • Comes in two different lengths, one for Wrapture harness systems and one for non-Wrapture harness systems. Your AQ dealer can assist you in determining your needs.

Wrapture Harness BCD list:

  • Axiom, Axiom I3
  • Outlaw, Roge, Omni
  • Soul, Soul i3
  • Dimension, Dimension i3, Lotus, Lotus i3


Griplock Cylinder Band

Griplock Cylinder Band 2



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