PSI Marker Oral Inflator

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PSI Marker Oral Inflator/Valve is TOUGH ALL-ROUNDER for all kind of dives, secured with Bungee.

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PSI Marker with Inflator/Valve

The PSI Marker Buoy with Valve is inflated by purging a regulator or exhaling into the open end. The self-closing baffle (duck bill valve) forms an airtight seal to prevent accidental air spillage on ascent and at the surface.

The Buoy measures 150 cm in height and 15 cm in width, provides 15.43 lbs (7 kg) of lift.

The over-pressure/dump valve releases the air automatically on ascent; by pulling the dump cord you can easily deflate the buoy on the surface

With both an orange and a yellow panel this is by far the most visible combo for the recreational diver. The orange panel is more visible in bright sunlight and significant glare. While the yellow panel will prove its worth as light deteriorates or the clouds move in.

This Buoy is recommended for use with spool and for Coastal diving areas with regular boat traffic or diving in moderate diving conditions. Best use for sport Diving and recreational Diving.


  • Sizes 150cm x 15cm
  • Self-Sealing with Valve
  • Oral Inflator or BCD inflator Hose connector
  • Solas Panel on Top for more gain in visibility
  • Stainless D-ring to attach clips/carabiner
  • Bungee cord to tight and secure the Buoy after your dive


PSI Prodive

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