PSI Evo Pro K-Valve with Din Insert

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PSI Evo Valve for a single cylinder with outlet INT. K valve with rupture disc 5000 PSI. Compatible with Thermo valve parts. Made in Italy.

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PSI Evo Pro K-Valve with Din Insert

PSI valves are produced in stamped brass CW 617 N certified. They are processed with the latest generation CNC precision machinery, protected from the saline environment with nickel plating and chrome plating, controlled with special gauges, and assembled and tested by professionals. CE EN250 “respiratory protection materials” and 2010/35/EU “pressure materials” are approved.

All valves are assembled with gaskets and compatible oxygen lubricants. Valves with cylinder connection 3/4NPSM, output INT OR DIN/INT convertible overpressure valve to rupture disc following DOT standards (4000-4500-5000-5500 PSI).

Diving Valve Features:

  • Valve for a single cylinder with DIN/INT outlet breaking disc 5000 PSI
  • 3/4 NPSM-PW 232 BAR
  • Single valve DIN/K with burst disc 4000/4500/5000 PSI
  • Compatible with Thermo Valve Parts
  • Made in Italy.


PSI Prodive

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