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The O2EII Pro is a small, lightweight, and rugged oxygen (O2) analyzer. Designed to check the quality of your scuba diving gas mix, the O2EII Pro can be used directly at the tank or through a BCD adaptor while in harness (BDC adaptor is not included).

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Nitrox Analyser – O2EII Pro Analox

The Nitrox Analyser O2EII Pro is the ideal portable nitrox (nitrogen and oxygen) analyzer, which can easily be taken on all of your scuba diving adventures.
The O2EII Pro package includes an O2EII Pro portable nitrox checker with an LCD display. Please note that the O2EII Pro does not come with a BCD flow restrictor.
Discover how the O2EII Pro can monitor the levels of oxygen in your gas cylinder, allowing you to plan a stress-free diving session.


The O2EII Pro nitrox (nitrogen and oxygen) analyzer comes with a hose barb which allows the unit to be used while checking air quality at the tank or while the user is connected to their first stage regulator.

It is a highly accurate device and a must-have for any scuba diver. The unit comes with a three-year graded sensor warranty and has an expected sensor life of four to five years in the air.

Why using a Nitrox Analyser?

In order to plan for a safe scuba dive, you need to know the concentration of oxygen within your dive gas mix.

Monitoring the oxygen levels within your gas mix by using the O2EII Pro will determine your entire dive plan allowing you to plan the depth, time, and decompression stages allowing for a carefree dive.

The addition of a spigot that takes the hose of a BCD adapter, allows the unit to be used while checking air quality at the tank or while the user is connected to their regulator via their BCD’s low-pressure inflator.

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    Fast delivery, best Nitrox Analyzer!

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    Good product!

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    Fast delivery, Easy to use.

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    Good Analyzer, recommended.

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    Good product, fast delivery.

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    Great service, reliable.

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