Omni BCD

฿ 41,350.00

Created for anyone who wants to fully customize their dive gear, the Aqualung Omni BCD is a revolutionary jacket-style BCD designed to fit your specific style and size. Bringing ModLock™ technology popularized by our Rogue & Outlaw BCD’s connector system.

The Omni allows you to choose from 3 universal sizing components: for your back, your shoulders, and your waist, allowing for dozens of size combinations. Continue your customization by choosing from multiple accessory options and 6 color kits. This is the ideal platform to create your perfect fit and you’ve got an infinity of possible configurations!


This price is including the Omni Color Kit – For different part sizes, please write a comment on your order

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Aqualung Omni BCD

The Aqualung Omni BCD is made for everyone who wants to adjust their BCD to their own preferences. This unisex BCD has the Modlock™ technology that has been made popular by the connector system of the Rogue and Outlaw. Choose between 3 universal sizes: Back, Shoulders, and Waist to make countless combinations. With the 6 colors, you can make the perfect fit both in style and size.

Omni BCD Features

  • Modlock™ connectors allow for interchangeable back, shoulders, and waist strap components to create dozens of possible sizes and configurations.
  • Modlock™ connectors easily click into place and are simply unlocked with a small tool such as a key or pen.
  • Color kits available in 6 options with the following components: back pad, reusable mesh bag, Surelock™ II weight pockets, octo pocket, console holder, inflator hold down, zipper pulls, and chest strap slider.
  • Customizable jacket style BCD with the most desired features: zippered pockets, stainless steel D-rings, Octo holder & knife attachment point.
  • GripLock™ tank band – patent-pending finger-saver feature and macro preset to create an easy and safe solution for securing and detaching a cylinder to the BCD.
  • Patented SureLock II™ Weight System – allows you to easily insert the weight pouch and an audible “click” lets you know the weights are secure in the BCD. Once engaged, the weights can be released with a firm pull of the handle.
  • A new 3-position bladder retraction system pulls in the sides of the bladder during deflation keeping the unit streamlined and reducing drag.
  • Adjustable chest strap for personalized comfort.
  • Features 4 Stainless Steel D-rings for streamlined accessory attachment.
  • Both upper and lower right pull dump valves.


  • Trim pockets (1.5kg/3lbs)
  • SMB pocket
  • Waistband Extender


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