Established in Genoa, Italy in 1998, AquaSphere was launched by AquaLung, the world's leader in scuba diving and snorkeling equipment. Today, with a global footprint in over 60 countries, the brand is the premier swimming equipment manufacturer for fitness and recreational swimming, aquatic exercise, and triathlons.

Dedicated to meeting the needs of everyday swimmers who enjoy swimming at a variety of levels and for a variety of reasons: fun, fitness, stress relief, and more. for AquaSphere, people are true swimmers not because of how or why they swim, but because they do swim. With swimmers in mind, AquaSphere developed an innovative range of premium products, including eye protection, triathlon wetsuits, footwear, fitness, and training accessories.

in 2014, AquaSphere entered into a partnership with Michael Phelps, the world's most decorated Olympian. The MP Michael Phelps brand provides elite competitive swimming products and the Michael Phelps swim Method brand provides products to help children learn to swim.

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VISTA Pro 2019

Vista Pro Swim Mask

฿1,690.00 - ฿2,890.00 ฿1,352.00 - ฿2,312.00 RRP
AquaSphere Kayenne Goggles polarizedKayenne Polarized Green

Kayenne Goggles

฿1,190.00 - ฿1,640.00 ฿952.00 - ฿1,312.00 RRP
Seal XP2 Dark lensSeal XP2 Lady CL/ White&Red

Seal XP2

฿805.00 RRP