Omersub aims to offer a complete set of innovative and high quality products to satisfy the needs of every spearfisherman in the world. To reach this goal we are looking for new ideas that often come from our athletes. Our team of athletes is made up of a large group of champions with experience both in ocean and in Mediterranean waters coming from all over the world. The wide technical experience that we have collected in many years allow us to transform these inputs in high quality sport equipment. Also, all engineering processes happen in Italy. All these are the core features that have made us the first spearfishing and freediving company in the world. Furthermore, we can count on an excellent product distribution as we are able to serve customers in over 50 countries worldwide. We are also proud to be the technical sponsor of Y-40, the deepest swimming pool in the world. Beside of this, we pay attention to the marine conservation and we fund, among others, the “Coral Guardian” project. We are also socially committed by helping “I Swim Sma” and “Smaniablu” which are two associations devoted to the promotion of freediving activities among those people affected by SMA.

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ZERO 3 Mask

฿ 2,660 RRP

Freediving mask with an exclusive look created in cooperation with MOMO Design. Main features of this mask are the field of vision, which is almost the same you have without wearing a mask, and the very low internal volume. Available in black and in 2 new mimetic versions.

Zoom Black Snorkel

฿ 720 RRP

Ergonomically designed freediving snorkel. The Zoom Pro model, features a bendable polyurethane tube

Stingray Fins

฿ 6,640 RRP

The Omer Stingray Full Foot freediving fins is popular because of its comfort and efficiency.It generate a low of power with minimal effort from the diver. For Apnea.